Kagura is the idol in Mobile Legends RRQ Lemon

Lemon RRQ. (instagram / ikhsan_lemon)

Hitekno.com – RRQ Lemon is one of the most popular esports athletes that Mobile Legends players are familiar with. RRQ Hoshi’s mainstay are three Mobile Legends heroes, one of whom is Kagura.

He uses the three most often in games, even when participating in MPL. Even since RRQ Hoshi’s fierce competition with EVOS when there was Jess No Limit.

If EVOS had Jess No Limit in its day, RRQ was very successful with Lemon, often referred to as an alien. It is not for nothing that RRQ Lemon is called an alien, as this pro player can play all hero roles well.

RRQ Lemon is very reliable and is known to have managed to win the RRQ name to win MPL Season 1. He finished runner-up in MPL Season 4 and was until recently champion of the MPL Invitational that took place some time ago.

Known to be very talented, there are at least 3 Mobile Legends heroes who are often the mainstay of RRQ Lemon. What are you?

These are the 3 heroes that Lemon most often uses for some of the videos he uploads to his personal YouTube channel.

1. Fusion

Gusion Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

The first hero to become the mainstay of RRQ Lemon is Gusion. Blast damage and terrifying attack skills make this street hero worrying. The game of Lemon, which Gusion understands very well, is certainly a threat to the opposing team.

2. Natalia

Natalia Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

Hero Mobile Legends sucks like Natalia, apparently a mainstay of RRQ Lemon. Natalia’s task is of course very clear, namely to disturb the opponent’s jungle. Along with Natalia in the final MPL season, RRQ Lemon managed to overwhelm the Bigetron players.

3. Kagura

Kagura Mobile Legends. (HiTekno)

Of course, when you talk about RRQ Lemon, you can’t forget about Kagura. RRQ Lemon successfully won the top global title together with Kagura. RRQ Lemon is known to have had a fantastic win rate while playing Kagura.

These are the 3 heroes of Mobile Legends that RRQ Lemon often plays in different matches.