RRQ Hoshi defeated Alter Ego in 5 games and won the MPL Season 6 Cup

RRQ Hoshi. (Instagram / mpl.id.official)

Hitekno.com – With the regular season and playoffs over, MPL Indonesia’s long journey of season six finally reached the grand finale. That final round brought down the other teams, bringing together King RRQ Hoshi and the dark horse Alter Ego.

King RRQ Hoshi reached the MPL Indonesia sixth season grand final after beating Bigetron Alpha 2-0 in the top bracket final. Meanwhile, Alter Ego reached the final after knocking Bigetron Alpha 2-0 in the lower bracket final.

RRQ Hoshi drove with Alberttt with Ling, Xinn with Roger, R7 with Chou, Lemon with Kagura and Vyn with Khaleed in the Best of 5.

As the king’s challenger, Alter Ego descended with Celiboy with Yi Sun Shin, Pai with Barats, Ahmad with Yu Zhong, Udil with Valir, and Leo Murphy with Khfura.

In the early minutes of the first game, alter ego was really powerful and dominated the game. In the 10th minute the kill points reached 8-3 with the benefit of alter ego.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 Final, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Lemon and society were really cornered by Alter Ego from the start. When Udil and his friends managed to defeat the tower of RRQ Hoshi, the king was actually unable to destroy a single tower of the alter ego.

The attack with the Lord on the lower side was a breath of fresh air for Alter Ego, who managed to overthrow four heroes of RRQ Hoshi. Celiboy even harvested maniac in front of the main base of the MPL Indonesia Season 5 Champion Team.

After the fall of the RRQ Hoshi player, Alter Ego finished the first game and immediately secured the win with a convincing result of 15-6 in the 15th minute against RRQ Hoshi.

In the second game, RRQ Hoshi met again with Alberttt with Lancelot, Xinn with Claude, R7 with Barats, Lemon with Eudora and Vynn with Khaleed.

Game 1 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi versus Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

The second choice was Alter Ego with Celiboy with Ling, Pai with Angela, Ahmad with Esmeralda, Udil with Valir and Leo Murphy with Hylos.

From the early minutes the king was so aggressive that he first overthrew Udil and Pai blood. Only in the 6th minute was RRQ Hoshi superior in every way to beating Alter Ego.

Not to be underestimated, Lemons Eudora was terrifying, even though it was still on the starting level. Celiboy and Eudora even had to fall into the hands of the mighty lemon.

RRQ Hoshi reversed the situation from the first game and successfully knocked out the tower of the alter ego. He immediately got Celiboy and his friends to the floor. Celiboy must even be an easy target for Alberttt and his friends, who played well.

Game 2 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

After Alter Ego had a mistake, Alberttt immediately took a triple kill in the 8th minute and destroyed the main base of Alter Ego in no time. RRQ Hoshi pocketed the second game points.

In the third game, RRQ Hoshi met again with Vyn with Khufra, Alberttt with Ling, R7 with Uranus, Lemon with Carmila and Xinn with Change.

On the other hand, Alter Ego relies on Ahmad with Ruby, Pai with Khaleed, Leo Murphy with Jawhead, Udil with Pharsa and Celiboy with Roger as the challenger.

To compensate for RRQ Hoshi’s aggressive early game play, two alter ego players were instantly overthrown by Alberttt, who took a double kill. Celiboy must force the situation and must fall into the hands of the alien baby Alberttt in vain.

Game 3 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

The fall of Celiboy as the core of Alter Ego undoubtedly leaves this dark horse team suffering great losses. Despite playing aggressively, Alter Ego repeatedly makes mistakes until he miscalculated when he entered the team fight against RRQ Hoshi.

In the 7th minute, RRQ Hoshi was overall in the lead. Lemon and friends even got an alter score of 15-7 before alter ego. The initiation of R7 and Vyn, aided by Alberttts beautiful finish, made alter ego overwhelmed by the king.

After pocketing the First Lord, RRQ Hoshi threatened Alter Ego’s main base by wiping them out in the 11th minute. Lemon, Alberttt, Vyn, Xinn and R7 pocketed the points in the third game.

When Alter Ego opened the fourth game, he finally made first choice with Ahmad with Yu Zhong, Celiboy with Yi Sun Shin, Leo Murphy with Baxia, Udil with Vale and Pai with Esmeralda.

Game 4 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

To secure the points in the fourth game, RRQ took Hoshi Vyn with Khufra, Alberttt with Lancelot, R7 with Thamuz, Lemon with Eudora and Xinn with Alice.

Early in the game, RRQ Hoshi immediately stole Celiboy’s buff. Knowing that Celiboy’s situation is in danger, Pai and Leo Murphy really care about the boy wonder.

Alter Ego secured the first blood and successfully overthrew Vyn after a second kill in the 2nd minute. Ahmad and Yu Zhong appear barbaric until they are hard to beat. This makes alter ego rich by the 4th minute.

Alter ego refused to give RRQ Hoshi points in game four and played aggressively by demolishing several of the king’s towers. In the 10th minute, Alter Ego took a 17-7 lead over RRQ Hoshi.

Game 5 Final MPL Indonesia Season 6, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Depressed at the main base, RRQ Hoshi appears to have strong defenses that alter ego cannot invade. As master keys, Ahmad and Yu Zhong became easy targets for the RRQ Hoshi team.

Ahmad is too fat and difficult to beat. Even Yu Zhong successfully messed up RRQ Hoshi’s very strong midfield. Wiped out was immediately received by Alter Ego, Udil pocketed the points in game four and his friends made the position level.

RRQ Hoshi opened the fifth game as the game to determine the MPL Indonesia’s sixth season champion and made the first pick. To protect the sideline, R7 relies on Uranus, Vyn with Akai, Xinn with Yi Sun Shin, Lemon with Lunox, and Alberttt with Wanwan.

Alter Ego then went under with Ahmad with Pharsa, Celiboy with Roger, Leo Murphy with Baxia, Udil with Valir and Pai with Barats.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 Final, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

In the early game, alter ego secures first blood. RRQ Hoshi retaliated and overthrew Ahmad. When defending each other, each player’s kill points are usually the same and follow each other.

Although Alter Ego played aggressively, RRQ Hoshi managed to keep up and even wipe out in the 13th minute when Alter Ego was so focused on overthrowing Xinn.

RRQ Hoshi was very powerful and took advantage of the moment when alter ego made a mistake. He immediately threatened Alter Ego’s main base and overwhelmed every main tower of Udil and his friends.

Given the power of RRQ Hoshi, Alter Ego played well by defending his main base with all his might. Alter Ego had a fat hero with maximum damage in the late game and obviously had a tough time facing RRQ Hoshi in 29 minutes.

MPL Indonesia Season 6 Final, RRQ Hoshi vs. Alter Ego. (Indonesian MPL)

Alter ego became increasingly violent after taking a triple kill in the 36th minute. He turned things around and threatened RRQ Hoshi’s main base. One after another, RRQ Hoshi players had to fall before the last minute.

Alberttt took turns defending the main base and was the only RRQ Hoshi player who managed to fend off two alter ego players.

After all of the RRQ Hoshi players returned to the Land of Dawn, RRQ Hoshi immediately showed his courage and wiped him out after 30 minutes. The king immediately pocketed the victory.

RRQ Hoshi is writing new history and maintaining his position as MPL Indonesia Season 6 Champion. This win makes RRQ Hoshi the only team to have scored three wins during the entire MPL Indonesia event.