Sign the PKS, FUNDS Become the Incentive Distributor for the Pre-Employment Card Program

PKS signature between the pre-employment card and DANA. (FUND) – The presence of the Pre-Work Card, designed to promote work skills to increase productivity and competitiveness, remains one of the efforts that are continually evolving to bring productivity to life in the midst of a community Support pandemic. The wide range of possibilities that the Pre-Work Card offers for beneficiaries is further expanded to make them effective and able to restore the economy, including the inclusion of DANA as one of the official payment partners.

The reliability of DANA’s digital wallet as a solution that facilitates the implementation of digital cashless transactions has once again gained confidence in the implementation of the Pre-Work Card program. This strengthening of trust was characterized by the signing of a cooperation agreement (PKS) between the Pre-Employment Card and FUNDS. Through this collaboration, DANA has become one of the official digital wallet platforms and a solution that is used to accelerate the smooth flow of incentives and programs for the wider community, especially Pre-Work Card participants who have the required Have completed skills building training.

Denni Puspa Purbasari, Executive Director for Implementing Management for the Pre-Employment Card Program, said the Pre-Work Card program is a form of collaboration between the government and the private sector to advance the vision of Superior HR, Advanced Indonesia , to support.

“Partnerships with technology-based companies are very important to ensure that every process – from buying training to paying out incentives – can be done easily, quickly, safely, efficiently, purposefully and on a large scale,” he said. “Support from payment service providers like DANA is expected to provide more options for pre-employment card recipients and help them meet their financial inclusion goals even during a pandemic.”

PKS signature between the pre-employment card and DANA. (FUND)

Vince Iswara, CEO and Co-Founder of DANA, stated: “For DANA, this collaboration is an appreciation and a form of trust by the government and the public in the reliability and performance of the technology we are developing. In addition, DANA’s involvement in the Pre-Work Card program is a form of our social responsibility as a true Indonesian startup based on financial technology. In addition to reviving the economy, DANA also hopes that the use of digital technology will add new skills to people’s daily lives that meet the needs of the digital age. In the meantime, DANA stands ready to demand high levels of commitment and respond to the government’s trust by presenting technologies that are easily accessible and user-friendly, practical and guaranteed security. “

Vince emphasized that security guarantees for digital cashless transactions with DANA, including the security of customer data and the security of the distribution of pre-employment card incentive funds, are always a top priority. DANA has functions that are reinforced by a solid security system. DANA also has a data center and a data recovery center (DRC) in Indonesia.

In addition, DANA has established a collaboration for the connectivity of population data with DUKCAPIL (Population and Civil Registration). Through the connectivity with DUKCAPIL, user data is verified according to the regulations. The purpose of this check is to ensure the validity of incentive recipients, to prevent data abuse and to implement a data sharing policy to ensure that DANA user data is not misused by other parties. In order to optimize the application security on the device side, DANA is strengthening the application with a very personal face login technology.

By using the DANA application, the financial security of the participants in the preparation program is guaranteed, as the DANA protection program gives users a 100% money-back guarantee in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions in the event of fraud. The DANA platform also offers ease of use by presenting various functions required by Indonesians and is easily accessible to different groups.