Sony describes the feature for recording user voices on PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5. (Sony) – After updating to version 8.0, PlayStation 4 players were informed of a new feature that allows PlayStation 5 to record voice chats that are sent to Sony for moderation.

This then makes the users confused and angry as they believe Sonya is recording all voice chats.

With this update, users will feel like Sony is spying on its users.

Amazed by the protests, Sony issued a statement on the feature in a post saying Sony itself would not record players’ voice chats.

PlayStation 5. (Sony)

Not all voice chats are recorded, according to Sony. Instead, players who have been harassed via voice chat while playing can report another player who has only recorded the last five minutes.

Reports from the Ubergizmo side, according to Sony, “ If a gamer needs to file a harassment report after launching the PlayStation 5 console, they can include a voice chat clip up to 40 seconds in their report – 20 seconds of main conversation with other players plus another 10 seconds beforehand and after selecting a conversation. Only the last five minutes of voice chat are available to players for this reporting feature. ”

While this has already been clarified, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get away from this feature, which means users may need to do their best if they don’t want to be reported.

Another alternative is to stop using the features in full or to use party apps when it comes to Discord if you want to play the PlayStation 5.