The steps will tell you how to permanently and temporarily delete the Zoom account

Illustration of the zoom application. (Unsplash / Allie) – The zoom application is growing in popularity and has become a video conferencing application amid a pandemic that keeps many people connected remotely.

However, some users may choose to stop using Zoom for various reasons and want to remove it.

There is an easy way to either permanently delete a Zoom account or simply deactivate it. To report a Zoom account by reporting from Android Authority:

Illustration of the zoom application. (Unsplash / Chris Montgomery)

First, visit the website, go to the Zoom user account, click the Admin section on the left, then click Account Management and click the Profile menu, select Exit my account and click Yes to confirm. The user is then logged out and the Zoom account has been deleted. However, if the user does not want to delete the Zoom account and only wants to temporarily stop using Zoom until the service is fixed for security reasons, the user can stop Zoom on all devices. Zoom will stop adding new features for 90 days to fix security issues on the platform and users can wait without missing a notification. To sign out of all devices, visit website> log into the user Zoom account> select the Admin section on the left> click Account Management> scroll down and select the From All Devices option log out> Lastly, remove the Zoom application from the user’s device.

When users are looking for alternatives to Zoom, numerous options are available, such as: B. Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Google Duo, Facetime and Microsoft Teams.

How to permanently or temporarily delete a Zoom account, right? ( Siltya Utami)