Viral footage of Limbad on Soap Opera, Netizen Salfok to his voice

Limbad’s character in an old soap opera that inspires internet users. (Twitter / Hallucinasu) – Limbad is known as a mysterious character who does not speak to the public. Many are curious about this man’s true voice. You may be wondering what it would be like if Limbad spoke?

But who would have thought, before this wizard became what he is now, he would have become a soap opera star. As an actor, this man also acts with his usual lines of dialogue.

How Limbad speaks is, of course, in the viral video of old soap operas on social media that is stealing internet users’ attention.

A video featuring footage from an old soap opera starring the magician Limbad went viral on Twitter on social media. The video is going viral because the public can hear the voice of the magician known to refuse to open his mouth.

This video was uploaded on Friday (October 17th, 2020) from the Twitter account @halusinasu. To date, the account has been uploaded more than 31,000 times and has received a count of thousands of likes, 800 retweets, and nearly 100 tweet quotes.

The @halusinasu account tweeted: “Master limbad Japanese iPhone version, not silent yet.”

Seen in the viral video on social media, this magician who graduated from The Master is currently competing with characters named Ramses and Bu Yuyun.

Limbad (Wahyu Tri Laksono /

Limbad and Ramses are known to act as messengers or thugs to a boss who has bad intentions for the character of Bu Yuyun.

In a conversation between Lim (Limbad), Ramses and Bu Yuyun, it was heard that Lim and Ramses asked Bu Yuyun about the free land near Bu Yuyun’s house.

“Assalamu’alaikum, Bu Yuyun,” said Limbad when visiting Bu Yuyun’s store.

Bu Yuyun then asked Lim and his friends’ intentions to come to the store.

“Um, ma’am. I want to ask who is the vacant lot next to your house, ma’am?” asked the wizard.

The Yuyun character also stated that the land belonged to Haji Rauf, who lived in neighboring RT.

“O, this country. That belongs to Mr. Haji Rauf, sir. E … he lives in the RT next door,” said Bu Yuyun.

When the shopkeeper wanted to ask about the purpose and purpose of why Limbad was asking about the free land, Limbad cut him off to introduce his friend Ramsyah.

“Ramses,” said Ramsyah.

After that, Bu Yuyun was heard to ask again, “E … if you know, sir. E … what are you doing to buy the land there?”

“E … this is a plan to build a gold and electronics store here, ma’am,” replied Limbad.

At the end of the 59-second video, Limbad and Ramses seem to meet their boss.

“Can you guess who your target is now?” asked the Limbad boss.

Limbad replied that the target was Bu Yuyun.

“Lim, Lim. I don’t know your bad brain can do that,” said his boss.

This video has received a lot of reactions from internet users. The response also varies. Most of them highlight Limbad’s voice, which is classified as gentle, not by its sinister appearance.

“No wonder I never said it, when it has faded it’s scary,” the @efekrumahsusun account wrote.

“Very quietly said 🙁 does not match your appearance, it is worth staying calm,” said the @yOOunggi account.

“The message is not about llimbad … if it’s funny,” said the @puntenn account.

Additionally, the @ GodblessBabeh account commented, “Pantes doi pretends to be confused, his voice is the same, he looks so different.”

Salim Babad aka Limbad is one of the magicians in Indonesia. He is known to the public as a wizard who doesn’t want to talk and his looks are pretty creepy.

These are, of course, excerpts from old soap operas that go viral on social media and get internet users to watch Limbad speak. ( reporter Dita Alvinasari)