Chrome OS finally offers the “Dark Mode” feature

Google Chrome illustration. (Pixabay / Geralt) – After adding the dark mode feature to several Google applications, Chorme OS is finally available.

So far, however, it can only be seen on its experimental Canarian Channel.

Before you start tinkering with Canary, please note that Canary is the “latest” line of Chrome OS from Google and receives feature updates on a daily basis before being extensively tested. Access is only possible on Chromebooks that have been put into dedicated developer mode (not to be confused with the Chrome OS Developer channel).

When starting the Verge page of Android Central on Monday (10/26/2020), Google warned that Canary could be “unstable”.

For now, however, you need to install the Canary Channel in order to enable dark mode on a Chromebook. After you’ve done this, you can open Chrome and enter chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark and chrome: // flags / # enable-webui-dark-mode in the url bar.

Chrome OS dark mode. [Android Central]

According to Android Central, Dark Mode has some bugs, but that hint seems to apply to the entire UI, not just a darker background.

In the past few months, Google has introduced dark mode versions for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Fit and its mobile apps.

Both iOS and Android have supported system-level dark mode since last year. ( Novianty)

Apple warns that MagSafe can leave marks on iPhone cases

MagSafe on the iPhone 12 Series. (Apple) – Apple released its latest line of iPhone without a charging adapter. However, the choice is yours and using Apple’s latest MagSafe charging system.

Before you buy MagSafe, you should be aware that Apple has warned users when the new charger leaves its mark on the iPhone’s leather case.

This warning is in a support document that mentions a potential problem.

Reporting from the Ubergizmo page, Apple noted the problem in the fine print at the bottom of its website.

MagSafe on the iPhone 12 Series. (Apple)

“If you keep your iPhone in a leather case while it is charging with the MagSafe Charger, the case may show circular traces of contacts,” he wrote.

It’s possible that Apple designed the magnets to actually pull the iPhone into the case while applying a lot more pressure than if the user were to use it with a regular non-magnetic wireless charging pad.

It seems doubtful that the MagSafe was not reviewed by Apple during the design phase, especially since the case was meant to be designed with the MagSafe in mind.

Even so, Apple only warns users who use a leather case.

HP cases are of different types such as plastic or silicone. Not sure if these enclosures guarantee similar problems.

Now, enclosure makers have started designing enclosures for use with MagSafe. Hence, if the user is not wearing too much leather, it may be worth a try, aside from avoiding the issues that come with MagSafe.

Boost transactions in Yogyakarta’s traditional markets. GoShop gives cashback – The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on changing new habits in society, including adapting the habit of selling, shopping and ordering groceries online and conducting daily cashless transactions to meet various payment obligations online. All of these new habits are carried out to reduce mobility outside the home and minimize direct contact to avoid transmitting the virus.

Gojek has always been a leader in helping people stay productive during the adaptation phase of new habits by prioritizing health, hygiene and safety protocols. One expression of this is a partnership with the Yogyakarta City Government through the Yogyakarta City Trade and Industry Bureau to support the income of thousands of traders in Yogyakarta City’s traditional markets.

In order to maintain the sustainable income of traders in traditional markets, Gojek and the Yogyakarta City Government are providing cashback worth IDR 10,000 for every transaction made through the GoShop application.

Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta, Dr. Heroe Poerwadi urges the people of Yogyakarta, especially the traders, to use information technology like the Gojek application to conduct transactions amid today’s Covid-19 pandemic. By using GoShop so that yesterday’s income was reduced, the cashback program is helping them with their income, ”said the Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta.

GoShop offers cashback for transactions in the traditional Yogyakarta market

Ridzky Novasandro, Yogyakarta Gojek District Manager, said: “As a super app developed by the country’s children, Gojek also supports the efforts of the Yogyakarta City Government to become a smart city by making cashless payments in various areas of daily life of people, including shopping for basic necessities. Since April 2020 and during the pandemic, people in Yogyakarta have been able to shop in traditional markets using the GoShop application, “said Ridzky at the opening session for convenient and safe shopping in traditional markets with a Cashback of 10,000 rupees at the Beringharjo Traditional Market.

Since the start in April 2020, transactions with GoShop in cooperation with GoShop and Traditional Markets in Yogyakarta have increased by 80% compared to the first half of 2019.

“We are optimistic that the Rp 10,000 cashback program can help maximize the income of thousands of merchants in dozens of traditional markets in Yogyakarta City,” said Ridzky.

Economic resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Yogyakarta City was helped by the existence of Gojek’s digital economic ecosystem. The technological and non-technological solutions of Gojek’s digital platform are helping small, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the city of Gudeg to adapt to survive the COVID-19 pandemic situation and remain optimistic about growing in the future. One of them is simply migrating MSMEs from offline to online or accelerating MSMEs to “go digital”.

GoShop offers cashback for transactions in the traditional Yogyakarta market

This contribution is a continuation of Gojek’s economic contribution. Before the pandemic, Gojek partners from five existing services (GoFood, GoPay, GoSend, GoCar and GoRide) contributed Rs.4.4 trillion to the Yogyakarta City economy in 2019. Using the Regional Gross Income Calculation (PDRB) method, the production value in Gojek’s digital ecosystem was set to drive 5% of Yogyakarta City’s GRDP, or around 7.6 trillion rupees, in 2019.

The “Keeping Clean, Health and Safety” (J3K) initiative strengthens services during pandemic times

Along with this initiative, GoShop is helping the People’s Market to present the J3K protocol in accordance with the government’s appeal by providing a place in the market to wash hands with soap and hand sanitizer.

Gojek has also developed several other initiatives, e.g. For example, delivery without direct physical contact by adding additional instant messaging options to the chat function between consumers and driver partners so that customers and driver partners can keep a physical distance and process cashless payments via GoPay and Paylater with GoFood. , GoMart, GoShop and GoSend.

To continue to ensure the safety of consumers and driver partners during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gojek also offers an innovative feature for information on the temperature status of driver partners, which is routinely checked at 6 safe locations in Yogyakarta to ensure the health and cleanliness of Gojek- To ensure partner vehicles.

Millions of Gojek users can see the health and cleanliness status of driver partner vehicles when they order Gojek services via the GoRide, GoCar, GoSend, GoFood, GoMart and GoShop applications. Gojek is the first on-demand service in Indonesia to introduce this feature to strengthen security in its ecosystem so people can continue to rely on it.

Fortnite’s Halloween Edition turns players into killing ghosts

Halloween edition of Fortnite. (Epic Games) – In late October, many games released special Halloween editions, including Fortnite. This Epic Games game kicks off its annual Fortnitemares Halloween event this week, and this year players can take on the role of assassins.

In this year’s Fortnitemares vogue, Fortnite Island is filled with spooky touches and fog over the island until houses have Halloween decorations.

Players will even find a witch hut surrounded by a broomstick that can be ridden on. But the real change in Fortnitemares occurs when the player dies and the player becomes a ghost.

The spirit’s mission is to hunt and capture living people.

Halloween edition of Fortnite. (Epic Games)

When the player becomes a ghost, they can consume materials, health items, weapons, and even Marvel-themed super powers that are scattered around the map so that humans cannot use them to fight ghosts.

On The Verge’s side, players who turn into ghosts won’t be given the usual weapons this Halloween edition, but they will rely on sharp claws to tackle opponents at close range.

More importantly, the player also had a power that allowed the player to scan nearby human players. When the scan finds someone, players will see a small red indicator showing where they are on the screen and on the map.

If one of the last people is still alive later, the player must always keep an eye out for the hordes of dangerous spirits.

Previous Fortnitemares added zombies and the chance to defeat giant monsters.

The Fortnitemares Halloween Fortnite special runs through November 3rd, so you can still play with your friends on Halloween evenings.

Similarities between Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda BOTW spark the debate

OST Genshin Impact – city of winds and idylls. (miHoYo) – Genshin Impact contains many elements similar to the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BOTW). This, of course, creates a heated debate.

One of them is a video posted on @GamesMenfess’ Twitter account comparing Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Seen from the animation of climbing, sliding to attack from a height is very similar. Also some animations of the given effects.

We can also see several Plant-type enemies that look similar and hide in the ground, and Lemwah against the fire attack.

In relation to the enemy, we can see the similarities of several enemies scattered along the roadside. And there are still plenty of mechanics in Genshin Impact, much like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Similarities between Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda BOTW spark the debate. (Twitter)

This, of course, has sparked a debate among gamers who accuse miHoYo, the developer of Genship Impact, of mimicking Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

“Ah, suddenly I feel bad playing games,” wrote the post on @GamesMenfess’ Twitter account.

“It’s like copying and pasting the command movement, hahaha. Usually Nintendo is strict with this one. We will wait for the future when there is a lawsuit (but what a Chinese developer is fighting against, which is difficult),” @RDTNDR wrote .

But quite a few other players defending Genshin Impact have taken inspiration from the Nintendo game, and it’s not plagiarism.

“If the mechanism is like that, it’s not already common, is it? I know if it’s like a chara design it can be copyrighted, but if the game mechanism is like that, it’s copyrighted, that makes me funny” replied @slurdlordeh.

“It’s not that Mihoyo has confirmed that it’s Zelda-inspired. Anyway, the gameplay is similar, the graphics and the description of the characters are different,” said @aryvillasaurus.

On the other hand, there are players who are even fed up with this comparison. Remember free games, just play when you want and don’t have to play if you don’t like them.

“Don’t get tired of comparisons. Well, it’s similar. After all, just play, just play …” commented @MieInstantmu.

“Games that are available again always have to be analyzed with other games for skills, design, etc …” said @fuwapyoon.

Similarities between Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda BOTW spark the debate. (Twitter)

If you look again, miHoYo’s source of inspiration working on this game isn’t just Zelda. Check out how the floating sword on the back is similar to Nier: Automata.

We can see that the animated movements of some characters while running are similar to Nier: Automata. How to fidget with swords flying on your back.

But the great thing is that Genshin Impact can combine a lot of mechanical and animated elements from different games in one interesting world to explore.

You can play this game yourself for free on various platforms. From PC, Android, iOS and PC. The plan also goes to the Nintendo Switch.

Will Nintendo sue miHoYo for its many similarities to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild? We’ll be able to see when it launches on the Nintendo Switch later.

That’s the crowd of players discussing the similarities between Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. What do you think?

Most popular: Duel HP Rp. 3 million and viral video action from mobile thieves in the mosque

Poco X3 NFC versus Realme 7. ( – Competition between Realme and Xiaomi in Indonesia is intensifying. Even for a 3 million rupee phone there is now a Poco X3 NFC versus Realme 7 that is currently being hunted.

Realme 7 comes first on the Indonesian market with its cheap version Realme 7i. Not long after that, Xiaomi Indonesia presented the Poco X3 NFC, which also competes in the Rp 3 million HP class.

Close to each other, the same price, which one is more attractive to ask? Is this the newest device from Realme or Xiaomi?

In addition, crime often does not respect time or place. Like this viral CCTV video recording of how cell phone thieves behave in mosques.

To his horror, the perpetrator was determined to steal a smartphone when one of the community was in progress.

Of course, the cell phone thieves recorded on CCTV videos made internet users excited and viral on social media.

Come and see the most popular news in full.

1. The video calling technology appears in that old soap opera, Netizen: Visionary Gaes

Video calling technology in old soap operas. (Twitter / Flutulangs)

In this modern age, video calling technology may not be new. What is unique is that in a recent piece of an old soap opera scene that recently went viral on Twitter, video calling technology popped up and took internet users by surprise today.

This video calling technology apparently appeared in a soap opera starring Indra Bruggman and Diana Pungky called Jinny oh Jinny. This old soap opera is known to have aired in 1997.

Now a fragment of the Jinny-oh-Jinny soap opera scene about the emergence of this video call technology has been uploaded from the @flutulangs account and viralized on Twitter last Thursday (10/22/2020).

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2. Poco X3 NFC against Realme 7, duel HP Rp. 3 million

Poco X3 NFC versus Realme 7. (

The competition between Realme and Xiaomi in Indonesia is intensifying. Even for a 3 million rupee phone there is now a Poco X3 NFC versus Realme 7 that is currently being hunted.

Realme 7 comes first on the Indonesian market with its cheap version Realme 7i. Not long after that, Xiaomi Indonesia presented the Poco X3 NFC, which also competes in the Rp 3 million HP class.

Close to each other, the same price, which one is more attractive to ask? Is this the newest device from Realme or Xiaomi?

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3. CCTV recorded viral video of cell phone thief action in the mosque during the Jamaah prayer

Criminal acts often do not respect time and place. Like this viral CCTV video recording of how cell phone thieves behave in mosques.

To his horror, the perpetrator was determined to steal a smartphone when one of the community was in progress.

Of course, the cell phone thieves recorded on CCTV videos made internet users excited and viral on social media.

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 series’ hidden features to aid productivity

Samsung Galaxy S20 series. (Samsung) – The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is packed with a powerful set of features that will further help users work and play, and make users more productive when they do the things they love. Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series still has hidden features that not many people know about? During today’s Hidden Feature Workshop, Lucky Sebastian discussed in detail the hidden features he had found.

“I am thrilled every time Samsung introduces a new product. Not only can Samsung showcase features that can improve the user experience, but also those features. I found a lot of new productivity, camera, and performance features that will further enhance my experience using the Samsung Galaxy Note20. Series. “Said Lucky Sebastian, tech reviewer.

Hidden features that aid productivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series already has features that really help productivity, like Samsung DeX and Link to Windows. While Samsung DeX is very useful when users want to create presentations, the Link to Windows feature can easily transfer files on the user’s Galaxy Note20 series to your PC device or vice versa. However, simply dragging and dropping files takes a long time. In this case, Lucky explained that using the myfiles application, users can easily transfer multiple files from the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series device to a PC. Using this myfiles application, users can mark all files to be transferred to the desktop on the PC. Users then just need to drag and drop them onto the PC device and all marked files will be automatically transferred.

Hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series. (Samsung)

With Samsung Notes, users can then easily sign documents with stamp duty. By pressing the Attachment button in Samsung Notes, selecting a stamp image from the gallery, and adjusting the size and position of the stamp on the document you want to sign. Users can also sign the files directly with the S Pen. After all, all users need to do is convert documents made in PDF or Microsoft Word.

For users with a busy schedule, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series calendar function can indeed help to remember important schedules. However, the field displayed in the calendar is quite small, which makes it difficult to write. Zooming takes some time, making the experience less efficient. By writing in an empty area of ​​the calendar and then using the lasso function, the text can be simply dragged and dropped to the desired date.

Hidden functions that support camera functions

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a 108MP camera feature that brings the best of Samsung’s features such as: B. a recording mode with 8K quality at 24 frames per second and UHD quality at 120 frames per second, a choice of 16: 9 and 21: 9 resolution resolutions, an adjustable zoom speed and the multi-source microphone makes your creativity even more powerful and offers the best photo quality and high resolution with up to 30x zoom capacity. While this zoom capacity can be used for use with the camera, it will not work optimally when used to record videos that users can only zoom up to 20 times. To bypass this feature, users can access camera mode, zoom 50 times with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and then press and hold the shutter button. The user activates the video recording mode automatically without changing the mode.

Countries like Japan and Korea really care about everyone’s privacy, so every smartphone needs to trigger a giggle to avoid sneaking photos. Users must also have realized that in silent mode, users can take pictures without causing a giggle. However, this is often a problem, especially when we forget to turn off mute mode and miss important calls. However, by customizing the settings in Bixby, the user can customize the behavior of the phone specifically for each application used. Users can use silent mode as long as the user is accessing the camera application so that the Galaxy Note20 series users will not hear giggles while taking pictures. Best of all, the user’s smartphone continues to ring after exiting the camera app.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series is equipped with an augmented reality feature that allows users to provide unique greeting cards. However, there are still many users who do not know how to maximize this feature. Although the method is quite simple, all users have to do is access the Augmented Reality menu in the camera application, then take the photo that the user wants to take as the base for Augmented Reality and select the link to the picture. Here the user can choose between video and photo. After that, every time the Samsung Galaxy Note20 camera takes the picture that is used as the base, the camera will automatically play the video / picture that the user creates as augmented reality.

Hidden features that help performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 offers the experience of enjoying more content with the 6.9-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, which offers an even more immersive gaming experience. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series 2X Super AMOLED screen can display images with vivid colors and a screen quality that supports WQHD + and provides high definition image display. The Super AMOLED 2x screen also supports 120 fps with FHD + quality and a 240 Hz touch response rate which increases the response rate of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series.

One of the complaints from users when using the 120Hz refresh rate is that the Galaxy Note20 series battery drains quickly. This problem can actually be fixed using the middle energy saving function. However, with moderate energy savings, users lose the 120 Hz refresh rate, so the user experience while enjoying content is not optimal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. (Samsung)

Lucky provides a grid how users don’t lose the refresh rate of 120 Hz even with medium energy savings by accessing the Bixby routine and adding a new routine called Medium Energy Saving to set up these routines and automatically switch the smartphone’s power mode to medium energy saving . if selected. Then drag and drop it to an easily accessible spot on the home page and the routine automatically becomes a widget. Next, go to Settings and set the screen setting to 120Hz adaptive. Finally, activate the previously created widget “Save medium current”. Users will see the mode change to power saving mode, but the screen refresh rate quality remains at 120Hz.

The SVOD service will automatically select the optimal resolution for the user’s device. However, since the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 SVOD is optimally set to FHD resolution (1080p), users have to change the settings manually when viewing content. Lucky reported a leak that by adjusting the SVOD application settings in the Bixby Settings, users can set the screen resolution to 1440p and even set the application to be that every time they use a particular SVOD service That Dolby Atmos features are used automatically when users enjoy SVOD content, the resolution is automatically 1440p and uses Dolby Atmos features for impressive sound quality.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is equipped with the Exynos990 chipset which is supported by the Mali-G77 MP11 GPU which supports the processing of premium quality 3D graphics. This ability of the Exynos990 is supported by 8 GB of GDDR6x RAM, which further speeds up the processing ability of the Samsung Galaxy Note20. In conjunction with the Game Booster function, which further improves the user experience when playing games with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series.

However, if we want to improve the Game Booster features of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, Lucky offers tips that will allow users with game plugins in the Samsung Galaxy Store to further control the settings of the game they want to play through this application, regardless of it whether they want performance. or maximum graphics quality. In addition, after playing the game, users can also analyze the performance of the processor, GPU, temperature, FPS, etc. based on the games played.

Additionally, Lucky Sebastian provided a tutorial on how to use the S pen to create WhatsApp stickers. With the S Pen’s low latency making the editing process easier, users simply select the image they want to use as a sticker in the gallery and then use the lasso tool to edit it. The picture can then simply be cropped and then saved in the gallery. Then, when using a third party application, users just need to import the edited image as the base material for making WhatsApp stickers.

“Samsung recognizes that the work and play of its users must be supported by optimal features and technology. In Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, we are committed to providing products that support user performance and can improve power to work and power to play. “Finished Taufiqul Furqan, Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Mobile Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

MPL Indonesia becomes the best esports league in the world – Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season six has just ended. Even though it was in the middle of a pandemic and online, this did not make MPL Indonesia free of viewers and was afraid to hit it
Power. Yes, there were a number of new achievements made at the highest level of Mobile Legends in the final season of the tournament. For the umpteenth time, MPL Indonesia has succeeded in putting the country’s name on the international esports map.

First, MPL Indonesia managed to break a new record in the grand finale, which brought together two of Indonesia’s strongest teams, RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego. Through this match, peak concurrent users (PCU) hit a fantastic number, 2,849,970. That number broke the record for the season 5 big final
reached 1,163,007 viewers.

Data from the esports charts show that the development of MPL viewership in Indonesia has increased by up to 145%. In fact, the increase in viewership had already occurred the last week of the regular season when the RRQ Hoshi versus Evos Legends match was played. At this point, the PCU received from MPL reached 1,743,629. In total, there were five games in the sixth season of MPL Indonesia, in which one million PCU were reached.

“Thank you to everyone who supported the implementation of MPL Indonesia Season 6. We are currently working hard to bring the name of Indonesia to the esports industry worldwide. MPL Indonesia is now competing with global esports tournaments recognized by the world”, said Lucas Mao, MPL Indonesia commissioner.

MPL Indonesia

Last September, MPL Indonesia also became the most popular esports tournament in the world and hit other prestigious esports tournaments. At that time the Royal Derby Match between RRQ Hoshi and Onic Esports won 1,092,949 pcu. In addition to the record number of viewers, the grand finale of the sixth season of MPL Indonesia also became a hot topic
in Twitter. Within a few hours, the hashtags #FinalMPL and #VivaRRQ were mentioned thousands of times and became number one on Twitter.

MPL Indonesia is an esports league that has become a forum for young people who want to become professional gamers. Your dream can come true because anyone can become a professional. Yes, this is another achievement from MPL Indonesia that has managed to bring forth young talent who can make a new story in the world of sports.

For example in RRQ Hoshi. There’s a player named Albert who is only 16 years old and has rookie status in the MPL, but managed to become MVP in the grand finale and cashed in tens of millions of rupiah. Albert was discovered in RRQ’s talent search and turned out to be one of the millions of players who turned out to be exceptional talent and proved worthy of competing in the highest tournament in Mobile Legends Indonesia!

Elegant, Xiaomi complete the Redmi Note 9 collection with Onyx Black Color

Redmi Note 9 Onyx Black. (Xiaomi) – Xiaomi, a technology company using smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to support a lifestyle, is officially selling a new color variant for the Redmi Note 9, namely Onyx Black.

This new color complements the color selection for the Jawaranya 48MP Quad Camera Smartphone and will be available in all sales channels this week.

Exclusive sales for the official store started on October 26th with Mi Store and Sales of Xiaomi’s official store to other ecommerce partners will follow on October 27th, and sales for all physical stores will begin on October 31st. You can get the Redmi Note 9 from Rp. 2,249,000.

The color Onyx Black is the latest color choice after the three colors introduced at the launch, Midnight Gray, Forest Green and Polar White, as well as the later introduced color Sunset Red.

Redmi Note 9 Onyx Black. (Xiaomi)

The black color used in the Onyx Black variant creates reflections when highlighted by light, making it look premium.

The Redmi Note 9 is powered by the Helio G85, a 5020 mAh battery with 18 W fast charge and a 6.53-inch FHD + screen with DotDisplay and protected by Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 5. When it was launched, the Redmi Note 9 within four hours of more than 20,000 units ordered pre-order session opens.

The price for the Onyx Black Redmi Note 9 is IDR 2,399,000 (4 GB + 64 GB) and IDR 2,799,000 for (6 GB + 128 GB).

Gabut, who produces, this netizen shows her mother who makes corn hair

Corn illustration. (Pixabay / Larisa-K) – There are many activities that can be done in your spare time or are often referred to as gabut. Not so long ago, an internet user showed the results to his mother pulling up corn hair.

This one internet user attracts internet users’ attention and shows his mother’s work, who is wrinkled.

The owner of the account, shared on August 24 from the TikTok @ rania.slb account, uploaded a video showing five corns still covered with their outer pods.

Interestingly, each of these grains has a different hairstyle. According to the account holder, the hairstyle was done by the mother.

Not any model, the mother seems to have thought enough about each other’s concepts for corn hair as some seem to be made with great intentions.

Plait corn hair. [TikTok]

One of the grains has three braided hairs and a bun and is decorated with ribbons and flowers that make it look even more beautiful.

The corn is placed on a clear jar to stand up and make it look like someone is turning their back and showing off a hairstyle.

The internet user himself was confused by the creations his mother made when she was torn up.

“I swear as if I don’t understand, my mother, for example, if it’s corn, it’s like corn, keep doing it, braiding it. Is that what it is? What does it mean? What?” said the owner of the account @ rania.slb.

Even so, many internet users praised the results of their mother’s confusion, calling her creative and unique.

The upload, which was liked more than 105,600 times and shared by other TikTok accounts more than 1,400 times, has also generated various comments from internet users.

“I swear his mother is creative. Not everyone can do it,” wrote the @jenangkimpul account.

“I used to be like this when I was little. When I couldn’t buy a doll, I made a doll out of corn. I combed the hair of the corn,” @hihihiiza said.

Plait corn hair. [TikTok]

“Unsure I have really good corn hair,” commented @intanfebyy.

“I’m appalled the corn is running,” @itsmoncus tweeted.

This video upload by Corn Barber then went viral on social media. ( Siltya Utami)