3 ways to send WA chat without a memory number

WhatsApp illustration. (Pixabay / Antonbe)

Hitekno.com – So far we can only send messages to contacts in our phone book via WhatsApp or WA. Can you send WA chats without saving the number on your phone?

Given that many people now use WhatsApp as a personal and business communication tool.

However, sometimes we want to send WhatsApp messages without saving the number. How to do WA without storing a number?

To send messages, we usually need to save the contact number first so that we can send a message to someone we want to send a message to.

However, did you know that there is actually a way to send WA chats without storing contacts on your mobile phone?

This article explains the WA method without storing contact numbers on your mobile phone. Read the tips on how to send WhatsApp messages without saving the number below.

1. Using SendWA.id

WhatsApp illustration. (Pixabay / Arivera)

Do you know irimWA.id? This is a browser that allows us to send messages without saving contact numbers via WhatsApp.

Watch WhatsApp messages being sent without saving the contact number via the SendWA.id below.

Open a browser on your smartphone, e.g. B. Chrome or others. Enter SendWa.id in the browser. Click Sendwa.id. You will then be prompted to enter the WA number you want to send a message to. Then press the Send button

Just follow the instructions on SendWA.id. You can do this as it is very easy to do. Before doing that, however, you should read the terms and conditions first so that you feel confident enough to use them.

2. Via the Wa.Me update

Illustration of the WhatsApp application on a smartphone (Shutterstock).

By upgrading WA to this version, we can use the destination number WA.me/ without saving the number. The way of WA without storing numbers with wa.me is as follows.

Open the browser on your smartphone. Enter the address wa.me/Zielnummer and click on. Format: wa.me/085XXXXXX. Just customize it to match your destination number. After that, immediately go to the options page to start a conversation. Click Chat With if you want to start a conversation. Immediately the WA application will open with the contact number you refer to above. At this point you’re ready to begin. When you’ve entered the message you want to send, click Send. Done! have a good conversation.

3. Via the WhatsDirect application

WhatsApp web illustration. (HiTekno.com)

Still curious about other ways to send WA without saving a contact number? There is another alternative, the WhatsDirect application.

This application is specially designed to send WA without storing a contact number. How to use Check the flow as follows:

Download the WhatsDirect application on your smartphone. Open the downloaded application. Enter the destination number. Compose a message and tap the Send button. Complete. The message reaches the desired contact number

All of the above alternatives for sending a message are very helpful in speeding up the quick sending process.

However, we still recommend using official email when doing business with new customers, as this is a professional international communication standard.

How to send WA chats without first saving the number on your phone. Good luck with these WhatsApp tips. (Suara.com/ Mutaya Saroh contributor).

PUBG Season 9 launches on PC and adds new maps!

Character illustration at Paramo. (PUBG.com)

Hitekno.com – The developer of PUBG Corporation has announced that season 9 will hit PC on October 21, 2020. This is quite an interesting update considering there is an additional new map or map with a volcanic background.

If Season 9 starts first on PC, the new season differs in the console version.

The new PlayStation 4, Stadia and Xbox One start their ninth season on October 29th.

Quoted from the gamespot, there are minor changes including new skins and new tricks to get the best gear.

This is a major update that adds a new map as well as a Survival Pass in addition to the new Ranked Season.

The new card from PUBG, Paramo. (PUBG.com)

The new map is Paramo, a land surrounded by clouds around the highlands of South America.

Paramo is a 3 x 3 map with an ever-expanding “dynamic world”. There are liquid lava flows all over the map that act as obstacles for players to avoid. The blue zone has more damage than other cards.

“There is no red zone. The blue zone will slowly shrink, but it will do more damage in the early stages of the game compared to other maps. Motorcycles are the only vehicle available in Paramo and they are usually around.” small villages. ” “wrote the official PUBG blog.

PUBG Corporation has added several new options to combat the threats associated with the card. The Critical Response Kit can revive fallen squad members in one second.

Now the player picks up the card with a support helicopter. The cargo boxes carried by each of the support helicopters can be dropped and looted at the start of the game.

There is a Survivor Pass called Highlands that gives you paramo-themed gifts. In contrast to the previous season, Highlands lasted 2 months with a total of 50 levels. To see the latest PUBG Season 9 update in detail, you can visit this link.

Be vigilant, La Nina can cause flooding and landslides in this area

Rain illustration. (Pixabay / Pexels)

Hitekno.com – The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Lebak Regency, Banten, has asked the public to become aware of the La Nina phenomenon. The reason is that it can increase the potential for floods and landslides.

This is because the La Nina phenomenon also increases the intensity of rainfall in a number of countries.

“The warning is to reduce the risk of a disaster so as not to cause significant loss or material damage,” said Rohmat, BPBD agent for Lebak Regency, on Thursday (10/22/2020) from Suara.com.

The people of Lebak Regency, who live in areas hit by natural disasters, reach thousands of families and are scattered at the base of Halimun Salak mountain, hills and rivers.

Currently, people are well aware of the La Nina phenomenon, which is characterized by high levels of rainfall and is likely to occur from day to night.

Illustration by la nina. [Wikipedia]

According to a report by the Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), the La Nina phenomenon is expected to appear in Banten by next December.

“We ask residents to be aware of whether heavy rainfall is accompanied by strong winds,” he said.

The head of BMKG station South Tangerang, Sukasno, said the effects of the La Nina phenomenon had caused rainfall intensity to increase by 20 to 40 percent compared to normal.

La Nina is a global climate system anomaly that occurs in the Pacific and the atmosphere with a return period of 2 to 7 years. The sky above changes from a neutral (normal) state and lasts at least 2 months.

In the La Nina phenomenon, an unusual cooling occurs, during which the temperature anomaly in the same range exceeds -0.5 degrees Celsius.

This is the potential for flooding and landslides that can be caused by the La Nina phenomenon. (Suara.com/Dythia Novianty).

4 cheap phones under 1 million rupees, from local brands to Samsung

Cheap cell phones under Rp. 1 million. (HiTekno.com)

Hitekno.com – Looking For Cheap Cell Phones For Communication To Learn Online? Relax, there are many affordable products that you can find in the market.

Not only do local brands offer cheap phones, Samsung does too. Even this South Korean brand offers prices below 1 million rupees.

With prices below 1 million rupees, the specifications given are of course quite simple. Still still support for communication only.

If you chat with applications or make video calls, it is enough with cheap cell phones at a cost of 1 million rupees. Enough for online learning activities too.

Because the demands of these activities do not require high performance. Enough with the quad core CPU chipset, the selfie camera and the 4G connection.

For more information, here are 4 Cheap Cell Phones Under Rs 1 Million That Can Be Used To Communicate With Online Learning.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core. (Samsung Indonesia)

Who would have thought that there are Samsung cell phones with low prices, even under Rp. 1 million. Namely the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core which is officially sold through the official website.

This cheap mobile phone is equipped with a MediaTek MT6739 chipset, a 5.3-inch HD + screen and a 3,000 mAh battery. Also runs Android Go, which is lightweight for low specs.

The Samsung Galaxy A01 Core also has a 5 MP f / 2.4 selfie camera. Also a single 8 MP f / 2.2 rear camera. It is also equipped with a dedicated microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core RAM 1 GB + 16 GB: Rp. 999,000
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core RAM 2 GB + 32 GB: Rp. 1,149,000

Advan NASA Plus

Advan NASA Plus. (Advan)

This local brand just unveiled a cheap mobile phone, namely the Advan NASA Plus. This cheap mobile phone, which is offered for online learning, also runs Android 10.

Advan NASA Plus is powered by a chipset with a quad-core CPU and is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen. Also with a 3,000 mAh battery and a 2 MP selfie camera and a 5 MP + 3 MP rear camera.

Advan NASA Plus RAM 2 GB + 16 GB: IDR 899,000 (Promo IDR 799,000)

NASA Advan

NASA Advan. (Advan)

Before that, the cheap Advan NASA HP had been presented, which was operated with the Unisoc SC9832E chipset with a quad-core CPU. Also uses a 5.2 inch screen.

Android 9 Pie also runs on this cheap mobile phone via the IDOS 9s 12 interface. There is also a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP selfie camera.

Advan NASA RAM 2 GB + 16 GB: IDR 888,000

Evercoss M60

Evercoss M60. (Evercoss)

Advan isn’t the only local brand that is still busy releasing new devices. There is Evercross that offers cheap cell phones for online learning.

The Evercoss M60 is powered by a quad-core CPU chipset with Android 10. This cheap mobile phone also uses a 5.7-inch HD screen.

As for the camera, the Evercoss M60 has three rear cameras with an 8 MP main sensor. Plus a 5 MP selfie camera. Also a battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh.

Evercoss M60 RAM 2 GB + 16 GB: IDR 839,000

That’s four cheap cell phones for under 1 million rupees. Although cheap, these tools can be used for online learning.

Entering the code incorrectly during online college even if lost to another campus

Online lecture illustration. (Pixabay)

Hitekno.com – Many unique stories behind learning or learning online have gone viral on social media. One of them is the story of this internet user who got lost in an online class at another university.

How can you get lost in online lectures at other universities? Because online courses are generally held using conference call applications like Zoom.

Each Zoom meeting that is held has a password to access the meeting.

The unidentified internet user accidentally entered the wrong password. As a result, he was accepted into another online class at another university.

This was re-shared on October 20 from the @yeahmahasiswaa Twitter account, which eventually went viral on social media.

The account holder uploads a screenshot showing the content of the conversation in the chat function of the video conferencing application.

Fortunately, students who deviate from classes at other universities seem to realize that something is wrong and ask in the chat column.

Screenshot of chat internet users who entered the campus incorrectly while studying online. [Twitter]

Below is a screenshot of another online university lecture that went viral on social media.

“What class is this point pa?” asked the internet user.

“Grade A,” replied one of the students.

“STTT textiles?” asked the internet user again.

“Bandung Psychology,” replied another student.

“Oh, it’s a wrong campus, sir, I entered the wrong code. Sorry,” the web user wrote.

The upload, which was shared more than 1,600 times with other Twitter users, received various comments from internet users.

“It is very far from the textile school to the psychology school. No wonder that he was confused by the previous lecturer to explain why Blas is not being talked about,” wrote the adelz_faith report.

“Fix the wrong class until the campus is wrong,” commented @tommydnanda.

“If you enter the wrong code, you can enter the campus incorrectly. It’s really scary, I’m ashamed,” added @ninoosh_.

“How could it be wrong, campus wkwk,” @nadyaluth said.

“So keep in mind my zoom class used to be foreigners who joined,” @reyanhere tweeted.

This is the viral story on social media about how internet users migrate to another university’s online college class. (Suara.com/ Lintang Siltya Utami).

CHECK THE FACTS: Is it true that Mike Tyson prays in a coffee shop that is forbidden to Muslims?

Verifying the facts of Mike Tyson praying in a café whose owner does not allow Muslims to enter (Turnbackhoax.id).

Hitekno.com – Disseminating social media posts with reports claiming Mike Tyson prayed in a coffee shop, the owner of which banned Muslims from entering.

Also featured in this post is a photo of three people performing false worship and one of them is Mike Tyson.

The claim was shared by the owner of the Facebook account, Dasar Latif. In its upload it contains a video of three men praying.

The following is the narrative:

The owner of the coffee shop in the center of Los Ageles wrote on the front door of his coffee shop that Muslims are not allowed. But these three Muslims don’t care that they come into the café and don’t buy anything, but immediately take off the prayer mat and pray immediately. Asr, the owners of coffee, securities and their employees are simply silent and cannot do anything, they can only watch without speaking, they are also afraid to open their mouths.
The three people are: Former heavyweight world champion, the very famous Mike Tyson and today’s Swedish boxing champion Bado Jack and his prayer priest present world kick Bxing campion Aamar Abdallah “.

Verifying the facts of Mike Tyson praying in a café whose owner does not allow Muslims to enter (Turnbackhoax.id).

So is this claim true?


Based on the results of a fact-checking and investigation by Turnbackhoax.id – Suara.com Network, the claim that the video of Mike Tyson, Badou Jack and Amer Abdallah was false at the cafe whose owner was banning Muslims from entering was false Claim.

In fact, the video was filmed at Mike Tyson’s marijuana plantation office called Tyson Ranch in California, United States, on August 23, 2020.

Mike Tyson reported on iNews and prayed with fellow boxing colleague Badou Jack at the time in the ward. They are run by a manager named Amer Abdallah. The three looked serious.

This video was previously uploaded by Badou Jack via his Twitter network on August 23, 2020.

“We are preparing for the Jack fight on November 28th. We spent the weekend in Big Bear, California to get some light training and take a short break from Las Vegas”, quoted Abdallah Esquireme on Tuesday (August 25th, 2020 ).

“When we got there, I asked Mike Tyson where I could go to prayer. He said I would pray with you,” he added.

In addition to Amer Abdallah’s testimony, evidence of the video recorded at Tyson Ranch can be seen on the Tyson Ranch logo on the back wall of the three men.

Mike Tyson uploaded an identical logo photo to his Instagram account on October 31, 2018.


Based on the fact-checking explanation above, it can be concluded that the allegation that Mike Tyson prayed in a coffee shop whose owner denied Muslims entry was a false claim.

The result of a fact check, an upload claiming that Mike Tyson prayed in a café whose owner had banned Muslims, was false. (Suara.com/ Hernawan).

BMKG Weather Info Presenter Licehkan, make internet users angry

Weather forecast illustration. (BMKG)

Hitekno.com – Video postings on the official Twitter account of the Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) are busy getting mentions from Internet users on Thursday (October 22nd, 2020). It was found that a large number harassed the BMKG moderator for weather information.

Although in the video on the weather forecast the BMKG moderator wears a headscarf for weather information. But not free from harassment.

By the time this message was broadcast, the video uploaded by BMKG on Thursday afternoon had been retweeted 340 times, commented on more than 1,500 times and liked by more than 1,200 Twitter users.

“Let’s take a look at the broadcast of information on Indonesia’s weather forecasts, which will take effect tomorrow, Friday, October 23, 2020,” wrote BMKG on its official account.

The weather forecast video was provided by a hijab worker in a long-sleeved BMKG uniform.

Video recordings of the BMKG weather information moderator, which went viral on Thursday (October 22nd, 2020) on Twitter. [Twitter/BMKG]

But for some reason, Twitter users are still making comments harassing the woman.

“There is something that stands out but is not talent,” wrote the account owner @eldihardi.

“There are some that get bigger, but not balloons,” said the person behind the @ Jamallkam account.

“There are unanimous, but indecisive,” commented the account owner @IsfanSF.

The three comments above remind us of football commentator Rama Sugianto who molested Persita Tangerang’s football fans in March 2020. Rama has officially apologized for his comments.

In the meantime, there is also a report that advises the BMKG with regard to the female employees appearing in the video.

“There is action, there is a reaction, there is a law of causality, cause and effect. Hopefully Mimin can be wise when it comes to addressing the actors’ sensitive issues in the video above so that all parties avoid the sins of Jariyah “wrote the account manager @ BundaRa18302033.

“I close my genitals, but it’s not syar’i, brother,” criticized Twitter user Muhammad Yusro.

Quite a few internet users criticized those who pestered the BMKG weather forecasts.

“If the clothes are open, he says invite, is already wearing a scarf, he doesn’t say shari, wears shari clothes, he says it makes you curious. In fact, there are no clothes that can cover a man’s dirty brain. God gives the head the brain, not the groin. “criticized the account owner @abcdefzaa.

“For you, a BMKG weather newscaster, if you read the response from some Netijen whose brains are dirty, please keep your spirits up. Ma’am, I’ve done the best. Thanks for the weather info, thanks for the info, hopefully it will be a reward “wrote @mazzini_gsp.

These are some of the Internet users in the BMKG weather information video on Twitter. (Suara.com/ Liberty Jemadu).

Ready after 4 years of widowhood, the end of this beautiful woman amuses me

This beautiful widow, struck by a conspiracy when she was almost together, turned internet users into salfok. (TikTok / @nikhajarr)

Hitekno.com – For a woman, an intense reception of a chat from a “good looking” man might upset her. A beautiful widow, preparing for this unexpected ending, managed to amuse internet users.

TikTok user @nikhajarr shared a video post as she was preparing to dress up beautifully to meet a man. Unexpectedly, the man’s invitation to dine together had a different purpose.

This pretty widow even invites her child to meet a man she thinks will be asking on a date.

The shared video post successfully went viral after receiving more than 360,000 views and 30,000 likes.

“After four years as a single mother. There is someone who approaches me. I talk to her almost every day. She is so cute, she says there was a time I needed protection. One day I agreed to meet me. I was preparing how best to dress. ” The best perfume, the bracelet that luckily my mother gave me. Who knows she’s my soul mate. She feels throbbing, nervous and has not been updated for a long time. It’s finally here! After 10 minutes it turns out that she is not asking for the date, but offering such insurance, “@nikhajarr wrote.

This beautiful widow, caught in a conspiracy when she was almost together, made internet users Salfok. (TikTok / @nikhajarr)

He also stated that it turned out that his feelings had not been reciprocated because he had just misunderstood him.

This lovely Malaysian widow was quoted by MStar.com and actually uploaded the content just for fun. He confirmed that the incident was based on a true story but had no intention of finding a partner on TikTok.

Referring to insurance agents, he stated that the “special man” in his life story was actually offering some sort of MLM-like product that he was invited to join.

This beautiful widow, struck by a conspiracy when she was almost together, turned internet users into salfok. (TikTok / @nikhajarr)

This 37 year old woman seemed upset for asking her friend to create parody content based on a true story in her life.

“I know a lot of people like funny content. I look for ideas and process them based on my real history as a single mother. A lot of people have experiences like this too. People are approached but actually offer drink products to join MLM” said a woman whose real name is Nik Hajar Nik Hassan to MStar. .com.

The viral video received various comments from internet users.

This beautiful widow, struck by a conspiracy when she was almost together, turned internet users into salfok. (TikTok / @nikhajarr)

I keep looking at it and it makes me laugh even more (laugh emoticon), “commented @bearuangkhan.

“Long live a widow … haha. I’m also a single woman who has two children,” said @ razanahbegum90 encouragingly.

This beautiful widow even invited her child on a “date”. (TikTok / @nikhajarr)

“Wow what a conspiracy,” @ranzaf said.

“Wow, 37 years old looks very young,” said @ridubu.

This beautiful widow, struck by a conspiracy when she was almost together, made internet users Salfok. (TikTok / @nikhajarr)

To see a viral video about a beautiful widow ready to date with an ending that will amuse internet users, you can visit this link.

More storage, how much does the Oppo A92 RAM 6GB cost in Indonesia?

Oppo A92. (Oppo)

Hitekno.com – Oppo A92 gets a new variant with more storage space. Namely the Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB, which was officially launched to revive the Indonesian market.

How much RAM does the Oppo A92 6 GB RAM cost with more storage?

OPPO Indonesia PR manager Aryo Meidianto A saw the presence of this new variant in response to consumer needs for devices during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The presence of the previous A92 series as the successor to the A9 2020 has been well received by consumers. We hope that the presence of the latest variant of the Oppo A92 6GB can help people meet their digital needs, especially young people who actively express, create and capture the best moments. ” “he said in his official statement.

The Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB is intended as a smartphone for young consumers who are actively creating content on social media. It is equipped with the ColorOS 7.1 operating system.

Oppo Indonesia claims that 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM memory + 128GB of internal storage will run with no lag.

The support of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor contributes to the strong performance of the Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB. There is also a Hyper Boost feature that efficiently increases the handset’s performance and provides a smooth gaming experience with high frame rates.

Oppo A92 6 GB of RAM. [Oppo Indonesia]

The Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB supplements online activities such as video conferences or online learning and is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh, which is combined with 18 W fast charge.

Oppo also presents a Neo-Display 1080P screen with a size of 6.5 inches and a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. This screen has a body-to-body ratio of 90.5 percent, providing a wide visual experience for consumers. The screen density is 405 PPI, which provides a comfortable viewing experience.

The Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB is eye protection certification from TüV Rheinland.

So that it can effectively filter out blue light and greatly reduce the risk of fatigue and adverse effects on the user’s eyes.

Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB is equipped with a 48MP main camera with AI Quad camera, which has an Ultra HD sensor. Apart from that, there is also an 8MP wide-angle lens. The selfie camera has a resolution of 16 MP with a large aperture of f2.0 and is supported by an improved AI beautification function.

Oppo A92. [Oppo Indonesia]

In addition to the security system, this phone has a unique lock feature, side fingerprint lock, power button, and built-in fingerprint recognition on a side that is on the side of the device, making it easy for users to open the screen.

Officially launched, what is the price of the Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB in Indonesia?

Oppo A92 6 GB RAM can be ordered online exclusively from Tokopedia from October 24 to 31, 2020. Available in the colors Twilight Black and Aurora Purple. This device will be sold for the first time on November 1, 2020 at a price of Rp. 3,599 million.

That’s the price for the Oppo A92 RAM 6 GB, the new Oppo Indonesia phone with more memory. Interested? (Suara.com/Dythia Novianty).

10 funny poses by internet users with statues make them look more alive

Hilarious action in front of statue 8. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

Hitekno.com – There’s always internet promotions to keep it busy and even go viral on social media. Like a photo pose with a statue shaking its head.

Thanks to the poses in these photos, the statue comes to life. No wonder it attracts the attention of other internet users.

The Indonesian Ministry of Humor Facebook fan page account shared a post about a series of statues that looked alive.

You actually redistributed Toni S.’s show.

The post went viral on social media after receiving more than 4,600 likes and hundreds of comments from internet users.

In just 2 days, the post was shared more than 1,700 times.

Uploads show rows of statues in tourist attractions or crowds.

This lifelike statue is going viral because it’s very funny. (Facebook / Indonesian Ministry of Humor)

There are visitors or someone who is intentionally acting funny in front of the statue.

This very creative action makes the statue come to life when interacting with visitors.

To be clear, internet users immediately made hundreds of funny comments.

“It’s really funny, you are all haunted by the artists, hahaha,” commented Asih Fajar Lestari.

“That’s good, so we don’t always pose Korean-style piss or Lopez,” said Endar Setiawan.

The following is a series of fun actions by visitors in front of the statue that have gone viral on social media:

1. Just hang around boy, hit it too.

Hilarious action in front of statue 1. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

2. This statue is perfect for the desperate jomblowati.

Hilarious action in front of statue 2. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

3. The statue is tough, Superman just got hit!

Hilarious action in front of statue 3. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

4. Horrified can bite his head!

Hilarious action in front of statue 4. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

5. The statue is creatively visible to the street and drags the person.

Hilarious action in front of the 5th statue. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

6. So giant bird food.

Hilarious action in front of the statue 6. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

7. So don’t be a naughty child?

Hilarious action in front of the statue 7. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

8. Be careful not to let the statue scream, “Maliiing!”

Hilarious action in front of statue 8. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

9. Masha is already a tall girl, so she returns to the bear. Bike bonus!

Hilarious action in front of the statue 9. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

10. It’s really amusing that this person isn’t the first to do it.

Hilarious action in front of the statue 10. (Facebook / Kementrian Humor Indonesia)

That was the fun act in front of a very entertaining statue that went viral on social media. What do you think?